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Hiring a marketing firm vs. an internal employee

Business owners are often left juggling the thought of whether or not they should handle their marketing strategy internally or externally. The idea of hiring an external marketing firm may sound cost-intensive and employers may fear change in the workplace.

However, hiring an external marketing firm rather than an in-house employee can help elevate your brand in more ways than one.

For example, consider the following benefits companies can take advantage of when hiring an external firm for their brand:

  • External recruiting opens up opportunities to develop a diverse team of employees. Qualified candidates who often have developed a wide range of skills elsewhere can bring new ideas, perspectives and talent to the firm

  • Employers will save money, time and resources when hiring an external firm who they will require on an as-and-when basis, rather than paying a full-time employee a salary, giving the firm a competitive advantage

  • Employers can utilize office space more effectively

  • External recruitment brings new and forward thinking to the firm that will ultimately stimulate profit through an innovative marketing strategy from an outside perspective

Ultimately, the end result will be a greater return on investment, minimal required training and a great marketing strategy.

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