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Creating a marketable Instagram bio

As marketing strategists, understanding the best way to grab our target audience's attention can be a challenge.

A study conducted by Microsoft Corporation indicates that readers start to lose concentration after about eight seconds, from 12 seconds in 2000.

The attention space decline can greatly impact the content business owners are producing.

Consider the following tips and tricks to ensure your readers will always stay engaged:

  1. Create a clear, catchy title

Think of it like a first impression. A clear, catchy title is the first thing to grab your reader's attention. Knowing who your target audience will ensure they won't lose interest in your content. This is your opportunity to grab their attention and draw them into the exciting services you are offering.

2. Keep your content short and sweet

We have more information available to us than ever before through tablets, TVs, laptops and cell phones. Everything is accessible at our finger tips - and there is very little time to consume it all. Ensuring your content is straight, to the point and contains the most vital information will allow your readers to easily digest it and stay interested in learning more about the services you're offering to them.

3. Call to action

Including a call to action on your website or Instagram bio gives your consumers quick and easy access to learn more about your services. Clearly outlining a "book a consultation here" or "shop our newest collection" lets the reader know what to do next. Without one, they may not know how to purchase a product or subscribe to a blog/newsletter for company updates and you could lose out on a potentially great client.

4. Provide a link for analytics

Anyone can say they are the best writer, designer, makeup artist, etc. Without analytics and concrete data how will your client know this to be true? As business owners, it's important to include a link such as Milkshake, LinkTree that tracks analytics and shows off the services you're providing.

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