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Benefits of working from home

Social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizer are safety measures prevalent and necessary to every day life today. It's the new norm and something we have all had to adapt to on a global scale amidst COVID-19.

Of course, we are all living in crazy times that we wish were long before us.

As corporate professionals, there is an upside to the pandemic. Working from home is the new norm and has forced companies across the globe to work virtually.

1. Flexible schedule

Professionals can work wherever, whenever. Working from home means you can work at a friend's home (social distancing of course), a local coffee shop, or in the waiting room at your doctor's appointment. The flexibility allows freedom throughout the day and we can complete "to do" tasks in our 8-hour day that we likely wouldn't achieve at the office.

2. Commute

Often times, working professionals are plagued by the commute that can take up hours of their day. This time can be utilized in other areas such as sleeping, spending time with family, friends, shopping etc. Commutes may also cause fatigue, making the working professional less efficient in their job. Working from home enables us to spend this time in other areas which will ultimately lead to us being more successful in our corporate roles.

3. Self care

Working from home allows professionals to wear whatever they want. No high heels, makeup or spending money on work clothes. Consider the ease of waking up a couple minutes before 9:00, throwing on some slippers and hopping online.

4. Saving money

There is no need to spend money on commuting to work. Gas, transportation and Uber can strain your wallet. Being able to make meals at home allows us to save money on fast food and focus more on a well balanced diet because we finally have the time to take care of ourselves.

5. Sustainability

Telecommuting fosters sustainability as remote work means less driving and fewer buses and trains on the go leading to a reduction in our carbon footprint. The world is already seeing reduced pollution, congestion and traffic during these times.

The overall benefits of WFH can lead to a greater work-life balance - something many of us have dreamed of experiencing after years of office work. Ultimately, we are able to balance the things in our life much better with the freedom of always being at the comfort of our own home.

Of course, it doesn't work for every one and many of us are still feeling the downsides of social exclusion, but in the long run it's a great consideration for employers to ensure their employees are maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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