Sam Wiles


Sam is an experienced designer with a Bachelor of Design from the York Sheridan Design program. She creates innovative and authentic branding, websites, content and marketing strategies so you can focus on serving your clients and driving your business. She has worked in various design roles since 2014 including Lenbrook Canada, York University and Bennett Design.



Michelle is an experienced marketing professional. She is constantly researching trends within the media, and creating innovative content. She has worked with over 150 business partners and has helped them  market themselves into a successful personal brand. She has also learned from and worked with top content creators and marketers within the social media industry. 



Brennan has his Bachelors Business Management and Organizational Studies Specialization Finance from Huron + Western University. He was previously an intern at Lenbrook Canada and has since transitioned into a full time position as a Financial Analyst. He is experienced in analyzing data, preparing reports, creating charts, putting together budgets and running analysis reports for E-commerce activities.

Melissa Quinlan


Melissa has a Bachelors of Arts, psychology from Queen’s University and a post graduate certificate in public relations and corporate communications from Centennial College. Melissa has a wealth of experience in creating engaging content on social media channels for various clients such as Bennett Design and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, with published work on The Hospital News website for Ontario Shores’ 100th year anniversary. She has experience  in social media content writing, campaign writing, blog posts, speeches, articles, news releases and annual reports.




It is important to us that roles and responsibilities are developed in the beginning of the project ultimately to set expectations for the both parties. Our commitment to clear, consistent communication is supported by high quality meetings, presentations and regular status updates.  


Deadlines are crucial to the efficiency and success of our projects. We understand the importance of producing content within a timely manner, in order to stay on trend with current design and marketing strategies as well as creating a professional and reliable relationship with our clients.


Our team works to a establish a consistent process to ensure our work meets high quality standards and expectations. In addition, all work is “proofread” by a second set of eyes in order to ensure high quality results. We strive to create competitive strategies, graphics and content to ensure your company’s online presence is always top tier.


In interest to the success of the project, our team is consistently researching, educating ourselves and adapting to new trends and strategies. It is our goal to stay on top of current trends in order to achieve the best results and create a unique online presence that is in-line with your business’ brand standards and procedures.


It is our mission to create meaningful content in order to generate better relationships between the client and their consumer. As a team, we aim to add value and purpose behind every project we produce to ensure our clients satisfaction and success within each project. We want both parties to feel as if they are getting quality service and results for their investment.




In the research stage we begin by analyzing both your company’s current online presence and the industry standard for your business category. We align our business strategy with your vision and goals to include critical information required to begin the planning stage.


Being in such a collaborative line of work, we want to connect with you. Whether it’s a phone call, a zoom meeting or grabbing a coffee, we want to meet you. In this stage we get a thorough understanding of what exactly you are looking for. We discuss your current pros and cons and your long term goals for your business. 


Ensuring we have the most up to date information and a deep understanding of the project needs, we can then work though the plan process. We begin by establishing a list of goals with the client. From there we will create checkpoints for approvals and create a robust marketing, design and brand identity plan and process. The planning process includes an initial phone call or meeting to discuss goals and aspirations, a customized and detailed proposal of services, an official contract and a presentation + FAQ session with real samples that can be used by your company. We pride ourselves in providing a concierge style service that allows our customers to have an open line of communication at all points in the planning process. 


Following the plan presentation + FAQ, we then start to refine our process. Since you know your brand best, we work with you to make changes and edits to our initial ideas for your business. We take into consideration your comments and concerns to create a more finalized (and personalized) marketing strategy. We will also submit polished content, wireframes and samples for approval. 


Although this is the final stage in our process it is by no means the end. After the approval of our first round of marketing materials we will implement our plan. We like to think of our business strategy as more of a circle than a line, as at any point in the process, some steps may be revisited. We are constantly learning, exploring and creating and we know that as trends change and new technologies are developed, we have the responsibility to be flexible in revisiting all stages of our process to ensure that we are always at the very top of the industry. We like to set the standard and provide high quality projects across the board. 

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